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Spike-centric fics
Fists And Fangs
Shadows & Dust Collective
Sugar And Spike

Spike and Anya - Moving On

Spike and Buffy - Sinister Attraction
Spike and Buffy - Shadows & Dust Collective
Spike and Buffy - Nautibitz
Spike and Buffy - Tales Of The Slayer

Spike and Angel - The Adventures Of Captain Peroxide And Dead Boy
Spike and Angel - Shadows & Dust Collective
Spike and Angel - Squashduck
Spike and Angel - Slashing The Angel

Spike and Angel - Eternal Nightcap

A comical take on the Spike/Angel 'ship, with the boys themselves actually introducing each section of the site. I particularly love the gallery where they're taking the piss out of crap photos of each other, and a big thumbs up for the Toys R Us ad of Puppet!Angel!

Spike and Angel - The Clockwork Vampire

Spike and Andrew - Funnel Cakes And Flying Monkeys

Tucker's Brother
Okay, I know right now someone wants to hit me for reccing an Andrew/Spike fic,Tucker's Brother but is so good that it breaks my little heart every fucking time.

It's not set in Season Seven on their little roadtrip as you might expect, its set way back in Season Six when Spike is still messed-up over Buffy and Andrew is just messed-up over his life.

The pressure of never living up to his sibling, of being a nobody, just "Tucker's Brother", all comes pouring out onto the page.PWP this is not.The feelings of hopelessness and self-loathing and, yes, godammit, wanting to be wanted are just so raw and sincere.Beautiful.Bonus points for the ending that makes me want to cry.

Quote: "It makes me feel like I'm... I don't know... part of something. Like it matters if I'm around." Andrew speaks fast, the words rushing over his tongue.
"Sometimes I feel like I'm not even here. Like- like I have to make people see me or I'll just disappear."
"I get that," Spike says reflectively.
"No, you don't," Andrew snaps. "You don't know what it's like to be me."
Spike chuckles. "I *was* you.

Spike and Dru
Spike and Drusilla - Love Lies Bleeding
Spike and Drusilla - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Xander - S/X and Violence
Spike and Xander - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Faith - Warm Champagne
Spike and Faith - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Dawn - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Lindsey - Legal-ease

Looking At You is my personal favourite.

Cover Art By Laura Shapiro (Used with permission)

Oh yeah, Lindsey comes to Sunnydale in search of Darla, but meets up with a different blonde vampire...They fuck, they fight, and they bitch about Angel. Quote: "Christ, just like Angelus. First he buggers you, then he hits you." I froze. "What did you say?"

Spike and Lilah - Decadent

Spike and Wesley - Peaches Wont Be Happy

Spike and Willow - Pavlovs Bell
Spike and Willow - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Fred - Flesh For Fantasy
Spike and Fred - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Giles - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Riley - Shadows & Dust Collective

Spike and Tara - Shadows & Dust Collective

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